Photoshop Autoloader 3.4.3

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Photoshop Autoloader – If you haven’t seen this before and regularly process batches of 7, 8 or more images in Photoshop, you are in for a treat.

Do you find yourself having to edit many files, one after the other? Do you hate the tedious steps required to manually load files one after the other? Do you hate wasting RAM pre-loading a bunch of images that slow your computer as they sit in the background doing nothing? If yes, then Autoloader is for you. Basically, it’s for anyone that hates to waste time.

Photoshop AutoLoader 3.4.3 is compatible with any Windows PC or Mac running Photoshop versions CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC.

Watch video How to install and use plugin Photoshop Autoloader 3.4.3 below.

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