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Photo Retouch Action 29164660 1

2012319 Photo Retouch Action 29164660
Photoshop ATN | 236 Kb

Photo Retouch Photoshop Action

Photo retouch Photoshop action create dynamic photo retouching effects to your image. This action is very suitable for photos of portraits, sports, fashion, celebration, christmas, architecture, products, vehicles, family photos etc. Fast and super easy to use. One click action. Video tutorial below.

SUCCESSFULLY TESTED AND OPTIMIZED for Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019 and CC 2020+ (Windows or Mac).


After you run the action, you have the option to customize the various elements generated and create a masterpiece out of it!

Also, you can commercialize the end product of the effect. What that means – although you are not allowed to modify and sell the action itself, but you can sell the final effects of the images on which you apply the effect.


  1. ANT File – action file
  2. Help file with instructions
  1. photo sizes between 2500 – 3000px
  2. photo resolution 72 – 300 dpi


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