Bokeh Kit for Photoshop 4228493

Bokeh Kit for Photoshop 4228493 1

1910423 Bokeh Kit for Photoshop 4228493
Photoshop ATN, ABR, GRD | 44 Mb

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Bokeh Kit for Photoshop 4228493 2

A little goes a long way with these beautiful bokeh effects. Instantly transform your photo with this bundle of Photoshop brushes, gradients, and action.

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The Kit:

  • 40 Bokeh Photoshop Brushes
  • 8 Bokeh Gradients
  • 1 Easy Bokeh Photoshop Action

It’s easy to use. Simply run the action and paint your bokeh. You’ll get a random pattern of bokeh anywhere you paint.

From firey red to modern blue, you’ll get brilliant results with the dynamic gradient colors (see product image).

Supports Wacom pen pressure and angle.

Compatible With

  • Photoshop CC
  • Mac and Windows

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