Penman Victorian Text Effects X8SQ5M6

Penman Victorian Text Effects X8SQ5M6 1

2211186 Penman Victorian Text Effects X8SQ5M6
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Penman Vintage Graphic Styles Kit for Illustrator allows you to achieve realistic Victorian Era type in ONE CLICK!!!

These are NOT actions, just apply to your text and it stays live and editable in your document, client change? typo? no problem, just re-type as usual. Change colour easily with global swatches. Please click on the thumbnails above to get a closer look, finer patterns are hard to see 🙂

BONUS 12 Line ornaments – non-expanded strokes, you control your stroke weight, or turn into a brush! 4 Old Paper Textures included – add them on the top layer of your artwork and set to multiply for the finishing touch.

REQUIREMENTS: Illustrator CS3+. Will NOT work in Photoshop or any other graphics program besides Illustrator.
Advanced editing requires basic knowledge of the appearance panel and scaling tool.


  • 1 Graphic Style Library file with 28 penman styles
  • 12 Ornaments – included in demo file
  • 1 illustrator demo document containing 28 letters with a style applied to each
  • 4 Old paper textures
  • Help File

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