Black History v2 194691

Black History v2 194691 1

2007292 Black History v2 194691
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Stop people in their tracks with this striking Black History flyer. Our flyer template allows you to easily edit, save, and print out this versatile marketing tool quickly and easily. Once it’s done you can start marketing your Black History Month event in an endless variety of ways. Kick off your campaign by cooking up batches of traditional African-American dishes before heading to the park to hand out food and flyers while musicians dressed up as Billie Holiday and other notable singers sing. During the weekends, visit bustling community centers, shopping malls, and libraries to distribute during peak hours. Once you’ve saturated targeted “hot spots” with flyers, it’s time to hit the internet. Run a targeted local Black History Month Facebook ad and tweet the flyer out to all your Twitter followers, too! Post it on your company website and include it in your company newsletter. Create a special Black History month blog post and insert it as one of the images. If you prefer to use “old school” postal mail you can also tuck the flyer into envelopes or utilize it as the artwork for a mass postcard mailing. You can easily utilize this flyer to promote multiple Black History Months events during the month of February. Or, alternate with the similar flyers below.

Used with Photoshop CS4 and higher.

Please note, stock models/photographs of people are used for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the final download. We do however include a blank placeholder layer to make using your stock photos as easy as possible.

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