NEON – Real Neon Light Leaks & Glows 4998862

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NEON - Real Neon Light Leaks & Glows 4998862 1

2012472 NEON – Real Neon Light Leaks & Glows 4998862
JPG | 386 Mb

NEON | Over 120 Optically Captured Real Neon Light Leaks & Glows | Photoshop Overlays

NEON is a collection of 127 analog neon light leaks and glows. These overlays will add extra charm to your photos and give them that certain vibrant something. Use the full pieces or crop in close to get gorgeous moody details. Each piece has very high contrast, so you can easily use different blend modes in Photoshop to get stunning results.

Since these resources are available in high-resolution (6000 x 4000px), they’ll work great in photographies for print or web graphics. Enjoy!

What’s included:

  • 16 x Vivid Light Effects
  • 09 x Pastel Bokeh Glows
  • 06 x Light Streaks
  • 12 x Vibrant Light Leaks
  • 16 x Intense Light Hits
  • 16 x Soft Blue Light Leaks
  • 06 x Purple Prism Effects
  • 16 x Neon Burns
  • 06 x Blue Bokeh Effects
  • 24 x Pastel Light Leaks
  • 1 x PDF Overview File
  • 1 x PDF Instructions File


  • Optically Captured
  • High Resolution / 6000 x 4000 px
  • Adobe RGB colour space

Tip: Experiment with blend modes. Screen, Multiply, Linear Burn, Color Burn, Overlay and Soft Light give nice results. You can duplicate the overlay layer and mix various blend modes to get the effect just right.

*Please note that the stock pictures are not included

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