Frozen Explosion Background Set 7MFQQTY

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Frozen Explosion Background Set 7MFQQTY 1

2002014 Frozen Explosion Background Set 7MFQQTY
PNG, JPG | 257 Mb

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Frozen Explosion Background Set 7MFQQTY 2

Explosion Effect Textures

If you’re looking for multicolored dynamic motion backgrounds, this collection is right for you. The key advantage of this collection is its palette and freeze motion effect. The cosmic explosion creates a moving storm fascinating a viewer.

Let positive emotions be a part of your daily life with these digital spiny illustrations. The abstract textures in futuristic style would perfectly suit any science design. Space paint flies in different directions and fills the entire surface of what could be better.

What will you receive?

You’ll get 10 different sharp backdrops with glitch effect. Suggested files are high-quality and print-ready.

Can I customize these flare wallpapers?

The set is a high-resolution bitmap in JPG and PNG format. There is one direction of its customization, which is color correction. We highly recommend Photoshop as the best way to do it.

Where can you use these distorted textures?

  1. An excellent choice for generative art. This version of this set makes any interior look more stylish;
  2. Choose these patterns to make your accounts in social networks like Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook more creative;
  3. You can also use this 3D renders for advertising banners like Google Adwords Banner, Facebook, or Instagram;
  4. The set is perfect for technology presentations, showcases or various social events;
  5. An indispensable template for graphic design;
  6. Print ready decorative pattern can be used for postcards, books, etc .;
  7. Si-fi design for protective covers;
  8. Universe texture will make your business cards or flyers catchy and more appealing;
  9. You can use this galaxy motion design illustration for your website.

Additional information:

  • Graphics Files Included: JPG Image, PNG
  • Pixel Dimensions: 5000×3333
  • Resolution: 300dpi

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