84 Crystal Overlays and Textures NHARAEG

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84 Crystal Overlays and Textures NHARAEG 1

2101122 84 Crystal Overlays and Textures NHARAEG
JPG | 181 Mb

84 Crystal Overlays and Textures

100% iridescent crystallized magic.

Add new aspects to your photos using these crystal overlays. Vibrant light refractions with lens flares and crystal texture add organic texture and a unique feeling to your work. With 84 different textures in 3 different sizes, you have easy to use options for each aspect ratio. Also can be used as a texture or a background, because of high resolution and a great look on its own. Good fit for social network stories, Instagram posts, advertisement content, prints, posters, and more.

Recommended using “Screen”, “Lighten” or “Linear Dodge” blending modes applied to an overlay layer. Just have fun and experiment with it!


  • If you want to make an overlay brighter just duplicate the layer.
  • Add different overlays with different blending modes to create a unique combination.

84 JPEG files, 20 overlays (5000×3000, 5:3), 28 overlays (3000×3000, 1:1), 36 overlays (1440×2560, 9:16)

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