20 Fishes Cut-out High Res Pictures 1371508

20 Fishes Cut-out High Res Pictures 1371508 1

2203196 20 Fishes Cut-out High Res Pictures 1371508
PNG, JPG | 196 Mb

This set is composed of 20 high resolution pictures of fishes, cut-out on a transparent background, available in PNG format.

The transparent PNG files make it very easy to use these images in your own designs, with any kind of background.

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There are various species of fish in this set:

  • Goldfish
  • Clown Triggerfish
  • Long-spine Porcupinefish also known as Balloonfish
  • Orangespine Unicornfish
  • Black Moor
  • Lionhead Goldfish
  • Siamese Fighting Fish
  • Ocellaris Clownfish
  • Red Pigeon Blood Discus
  • Northern Angelfish
  • Longnose Butterflyfish
  • Pennant Coralfish
  • Emperor Angelfish
  • Threadfin Butterflyfish
  • Bluelashed Butterflyfish
  • Common Seahorse
  • Broadbarred Firefish
  • Yellow Koi
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