1801076 Desert Set 2068727

1801076 Desert Set 2068727 1

1801076 Desert Set 2068727
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Watercolor cacti without background. Ideal image for applying on phone cases, bedding, T-shirts or furniture fabric. It is possible to use as a background for wrapping paper. In this collection there are cacti: prickly pear, Crassula, Dionaea muscipula. A minimalistic combination of six elements, with a variety of combinations, it is possible to get 10 patterns.

• 10 Patterns (JPEG) – 5000х3333 px – 300 dpi

• 6 Indivadual elements (PNG + JPEG) – 300 dpi


• Posters

• Phone cases

• Promotions and discounts

• Invitation cards

• Packaging

• Post Cards

• Websites

• Fabric

• T-shirts, textiles, bed linen,

• Polygraphy

• Wallpapers

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