Vintage Watercolors Art Action 6004887

Vintage Watercolors Art Action 6004887 1

2107380 Vintage Watercolors Art Action 6004887
Photoshop PAT, ATN, ABR | 23 Mb

Vintage Watercolors Art Photoshop Action

This is the first time we have found out that the vintage water color Photoshop action is very standard and works well on all types of photos and we have included many options, This vintage watercolor Photoshop action works so well that you can’t believe your eyes you never thought of such a good manipulation in such a short time but yes our this Photoshop action script is helping you, Each one is different and we have tried to show through video how to customize it and introduce each layer so that you can decorate as you like. There are many color options included. It will save you time.

No skill need just one click make your watercolor art style usage my Photoshop action 100% granted best working and new resource.

Information :

  • Photoshop Atn format (action file ) include file
  • Photoshop Abr. format (brush file ) include file
  • Photoshop Pat. (Pattern file) Format include.
  • Video tips how to usage and Custom tips (Video link include download help file )
  • Professional results and very easy to use
  • All layers can be edited very easily
  • All layers are named and placed in groups so you will have full control on each layer and each group
  • Working Software Version : CC2015.5 English Version.
  • Software support version : CS4, Cs5.5, CS6 , CC, CC2015.5, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019,CC2020, CC2021+ Version If you are not using the English version, you can switch your Photoshop in English langue’s, play the action and return to your language back agent.

Why by this Photoshop Actions:

  • Adjustment and color
  • Artistic look
  • Super time save option
  • Creative concept
  • Easy to editable
  • 100% Good working

How to Use Photoshop Actions

First, Download and Install the action (.ATN extension). How to install or load Photoshop Action

A. Open your Photoshop Go top bare Window Click Action than show Action Panel to bring up the Actions panel. Then choose Load Actions from the dropdown options. Locate your Photoshop action from the right folder, and hit Load. It’s loaded your Photoshop action panel

B. Follow any specific guidelines attached to the help file. (Many times many instructions are given on how to play in the action track. In that case you need to look at the HELP file and follow all special instruction)

C. Now Select one of the options from the Actions panel and press Play to see the effect.

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