Vintage Sketch Effect for Posters HG8DHRM

Vintage Sketch Effect for Posters HG8DHRM 1

2112195 Vintage Sketch Effect for Posters HG8DHRM
Photoshop PSD | 109 Mb

The newest edition of the sketch effect for posters allows you to give your photo an old, vintage look. Use this asset when crafting your company brand or getting that perfect Instagram picture. Import photos from your camera roll or snapshots in order to capture that retro touch with speed and ease!

Be your own art director with the special photo effect, that lets you design and share vintage-style posters that use sketchy, hand-drawn touches to give a retro feel. You’re able to export files, that can be shared on social media or saved as digital artwork to keep and cherish forever (or until we invent something cooler). Your designs will never look the same again once they’ve been through this life-giving transformation.

What’s inside?

  • high-quality PSD file;
  • 3000×4500 px, 300 dpi;
  • help file.

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