Vintage Edge Stamp Brushes UUDBPQU

Vintage Edge Stamp Brushes UUDBPQU 1

2203136 Vintage Edge Stamp Brushes UUDBPQU

It’s easy to find fantastic textured folds, creases and edges when browsing in second-hand shops, and they really add to the aesthetic of a design. Now, you can easily add on the years and enhance the retro realism of your work with this set of super-realistic brushes.

They not only look great but they’re super easy and quick to use too – simply select a stamp brush and draw it on a layer above your design. Then rotate and position it as required.

Don’t just take my word on how great these brushes are. Here are what customers say about the pack –

“Absolutely amazing! Great job!”

“Thank you so much! These are great and I am excited to use them!”

“Great package, these are very cool!”

This a one-stop vintage toolkit contains the following elements:

15 Grunge Edge Brushes & 6 Short Grunge Edge Brushes.

These are ideal for adding grunge frames and borders to your designs and illustrations.

20 Fold and Crease Brushes.

Perfect for adding vintage creases and folds to designs.

6 Book Cloth Edge Brushes.

Just lovely texture – good for adding a retro edge to designs.

A Quick Reference Guide

This will help you find the right brushes for the task in hand quickly.


A very guide on how to load and use the brushes is supplied.

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