The Ink Bleed Machine – One Click 4878000

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The Ink Bleed Machine - One Click 4878000 1

2012155 The Ink Bleed Machine – One Click 4878000
Photoshop PAT, ATN | 235 Mb

The one-click Ink Bleed Machine makes any text, logo, or vector shapes look like it’s been ink bled on paper. Super high-res and realistic. Easy to use with multiple one-click actions. Choose from pre-made auto actions or get full control with the custom action. Gives different results every time you use it.


  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • One-click effect
  • Extremely high-res
  • Works with text, logos, and most vector artwork (needs to be a transparent cut-out layer, meaning either the black or white should be cut out)
  • Adds instant ink bleed effect
  • Video tutorial with “How-to” and super fun tutorials that shows you detailed how to use the product in the best way.
  • Bonus paper textures included for free


Minimum Version Requirement: Photoshop CC 2015

Move the downloaded folder to somewhere permanent​. Open the folder with the downloaded assets.

  1. First, install the “Install_Pattern_First.pat” file.
  2. Then install “The Ink Bleed Machine ©.atn” file.
  3. Open a document, the recommended size is around 2500x2500px, but all sizes work.
  4. Navigate to the “actions” tab. Select your layer and press the desired bleed.
  5. Have fun!

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