The Illustrator Ink Well – Brushes 3099635

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The Illustrator Ink Well - Brushes 3099635 1

2006425 The Illustrator Ink Well – Brushes 3099635
AI | 272 Mb

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

The Brushes

  • 6 Standard Outline Pattern Brushes
  • 7 Undulating Outline Pattern Brushes
  • 3 Dynamic Outline Pattern Brushes
  • 4 Narrow Outline Pattern Brushes
  • 2 Wash Art Brushes
  • 2 Wash Shader Pattern Brushes
  • 2 Wash Standard Pattern Brushes
  • 1 Wash Splash Pattern Brush
  • 7 Dot and Dash Pattern Brushes
  • 3 Scribble Pattern Brushes
  • 2 Miscellaneous Pattern Brushes
  • 9 Dry Ink Art Brushes
  • 5 Narrow Art Brushes
  • 6 Dynamic Swipe Art Brushes
  • 7 Tapered Art Brushes

If you are a tablet user, you’ll be pleased to know that a version of the brushes with pressure sensitivity enabled is included.

A quick reference guide

This will help you quickly find the right brushes for the task in hand.

Example files

A selection of the preview images. Use these to see how I achieved the look.


A very thorough guide on how to load, apply and then adjust the brushes is supplied.

Please note! This product is compatible with Illustrator CS5, CS6, CC and 2020 only.

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