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Procreate Brushes Megabundle 5177864 1

2101116 Procreate Brushes Megabundle 5177864
Brusheset | 809 Mb

The most versatile Procreate Brushes bundle is here!

A big collection of 15 Products every illustrator will fallen in love with! All brushes are made with craft and accuracy, based on a rich library of hand-made textures!

You will find there awesome shaders with rich textures, realistic pencils and crayons or great brushes to help you make beautiful letterings easily! You can make playful retro illustrations with dry and natural media brushes or make funny strokes with multiple decor brushes included in this bundle.

These brush packs are included in this bundle:

Yummy Shaders for Procreate

  • 20 brushes
  • great for shading and adding analog look to your illustrations

Delicious Brushes for Procreate

  • 28 brushes
  • Chalk and Charcoals

Crayons & Oil Pastels for Procreate

  • 25 brushes
  • Crayons and Oil Pastels

Wonderful Pencils for Procreate 5

  • 30 brushes
  • Realistic Pencils with retro feeling

Decor Brushes for Procreate

  • 20 brushes
  • Various brushes with embroidery and fabric effect

Decor Brushes for Procreate Vol.2

  • 21 brushes
  • decorative brushes with various effects

Bistro Markers for Procreate

  • 24 brushes
  • great for lettering and calligraphy

Marvelous Markers for Procreate

  • 76 brushes
  • various lettering brushes with dry effect

Ink Brushes for Procreate

  • 24 brushes
  • great for every line and comic art

Shader Painting Brushes for Procreate

  • 35 brushes
  • great for shading with oil, gouache and watercolour effects

Texture Shader Brushes for Procreate

  • 30 brushes
  • rich textures, various materials

Art Brushes for Procreate

  • 21 brushes
  • acrylic, oil, gouache effect

Beauty Brushes for Procreate

  • 20 brushes
  • Inspired by fashion magazine illustrations

Winter Holiday Brushes for Procreate

  • 50 brushes
  • various holiday themed decor brushes

Natural Brushes for Procreate

  • 20 brushes
  • a versatile collection of brushes – chalk and pencils

Technical requirements:

  • Ipad with stylus
  • Procreate App (version 5 is required at least)
  • This brushes don’t work with Adobe Photoshop!

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