Photoshop Actions – Natural Indoors 3727992

Photoshop Actions - Natural Indoors 3727992 1

1911199 Photoshop Actions – Natural Indoors 3727992
Photoshop ATN | 3 Kb

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Photoshop Actions - Natural Indoors 3727992 2

After using Photoshop for so long to edit and retouch my own photos and mockups, I finally recorded them and created a Starter set for you, called WHD Natural Indoors.

You will get:

  • 6 actions that will only work in Photoshop CC (desktop) for now.

The difference is in the attention to detail… Tutorial with tips and tricks coming soon!

Each action is made to make your indoor shots look pro and as if there had been a perfect light from a beautiful natural source. Whether you shot in the afternoon and the light is too blue, whether the light was too dark or if you have too many strong shadows, I’m here to help you soften it all up.

Be careful, for now these actions only work within Photoshop CC, so make sure you have the correct version before you purchase this set as no refund can be made on digital products. If you have an earlier version than Photoshop CC or a mobile version or Photoshop Elements, it will not work.

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