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2011294 Moving Picture 28598288
Photoshop ATN | 13 Kb

Moving Picture - 1
Moving Picture - 2
Moving Picture - 3
Moving Picture - 4
Moving Picture - 5
Moving Picture - 6
Moving Picture - 7
Moving Picture - 8
Moving Picture - 9
Moving Picture - 10
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Moving Picture - 15
Moving Picture - 16
Moving Picture - 17

Moving Picture Photoshop Actions

Liven up still photos. With the Moving Picture action, it’s easy to transform your photos into simple animations. You can create cinematic effects with pre-designed actions. With Movement by You giving you the freedom to make motions as you like. You can also create effects like Dolly Zoom in movie (Subject Zoom in or Zoom out), or make characters grapple while moving, very interesting. After the main action is done, you can reverse the movements, blur the background, slow down the movement, and so on. You can export animated files by GIF or MP4, or simply save your still pictures.

  • The action works well with Photoshop CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, 2020 + (multilingual) included with the Time line.
  • This package includes: Moving Picture.ATN, Readme.txt.
  • Main ingredients: _ Basic setup: create pictures from pictures. _ 22 main actions create different direction of movement. _ Special “Movement by You”: freedom create unlimited movements (depends on your creativity) _ Customize with Adjustment Tool: Edit Subject, Background Movement, Blur Background, Invert Motion, Slow Motion. _ With color customization.

Hope these actions is useful for you!

All of texts and images are not included. Special thank the photo’s authors from very much: Winnie The Pooth, Reto Bürkler, Samuel Silitonga, Artem Beliaikin, Cottonbro, Kelly Lacy, Emiliano Palacios, Tim Mossholder, Lucas Pezeta, Roman Odintsov, Wellington Cunha, Thiszun, Andrea Piacquadio, David Geib.

To use actions effectively, please view Readme file and watch tutorial video carefully.

Special features

  • Give you a neat working environment: after the action has completed, it creates a well organised layer structure. Each layer and group of layers is named, assigned color to easily distinguish and customize.
  • The operation is simple and very convenient, brings outstanding artistic effects, brings you the joys, surprises your family and friends, supports your designs, and more.
  • Saving a lots of time working, spending more time with your loved ones.
  • Each action comes with a detailed video tutorial guiding you how to install action, using action, customize everything for your purposes.

For the best Results:

You should use high resolution photos in the range of 2000px – 3500px width / length. Smaller photos may produce unexpected results. Watch the tutorial video carefully.

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