Gorgeous Pastels for Procreate S3MZUYW

Gorgeous Pastels for Procreate S3MZUYW 1

2210382 Gorgeous Pastels for Procreate S3MZUYW
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With this brand new collection of Procreate brushes, you can make beautiful textured illustrations with happy childish spirit as you know from your elementary school drawings.

From thin soft pastels to chunky oily smudges, there is 30 various pastel brushes that enrich your brush library with powerful tools creating hand-drawn look.

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For more interesting look, you can layering different kind of brush strokes over and over. Every brush has several looks that change with changing the brush size.

With one single brush, you are able to start with quick sketch, continue in bold line artwork and finish your drawing with wide textured shading. You don’t need pressure hard – with subtle brush strokes and pressure sensitive Apple Pencil (or your preferred stylus), there is beautiful variety of rich pastel textures immediately.

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With one download, you will get 30 pastel brushes for Procreate!

Technical requirements:

  • Ipad with stylus
  • Procreate 5 or higher versions of the app
  • These brushes work ONLY with Procreate!

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