Elegant Photoshop Action And Preset 8AYSK2V

Elegant Photoshop Action And Preset 8AYSK2V 1

2302424 Elegant Photoshop Action And Preset 8AYSK2V
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This Photoshop action is designed specifically for color grading car interiors. It enhances the colors and tones of the interior, making it appear more vibrant and luxurious. The action adjusts the levels and curves to improve the overall contrast and brightness, while also adding a subtle saturation boost to bring out the rich colors of the leather and other materials. Additionally, it includes a color correction layer to fine-tune the hues and balance the overall tone. With just a few clicks, this action will make your car interior photos look more professional and eye-catching.

Options *Photoshop Action *Compatible with the free version of Lightroom Mobile *Working without Adobe subscription *iPhone or Android device & Desktop Responsive

The editing provided will help you to achieve a cinematic cool effect. Your pictures will get the eye-catching look.


*One click effect *End-quality result. *Editable effects. *Non-destructive Workflow.


To achieve high quality result, please try to use high resolution images. If you use low quality images, you will get low quality results. Try to use different photos to find out which one is perfect.

This pack contains Preset File For PC Preset File For Mobile Action File Instructions


*Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and 7(CC) *Adobe Lightroom Mobile *Compatible with Mac and PC *Works on RAW and JPEG images

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