Double Exposure Action Photoshop 24273778

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Double Exposure Action Photoshop 24273778 1

1908459 Double Exposure Action Photoshop 24273778
Photoshop ATN | 6 Kb

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Double Exposure Action Photoshop 24273778 2

Tested and optimized for use on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC


Open the action (for that go to: Window / Actions, click on menu icon at the right and choose in list “Load Actions…” then find the action on your computer and open it;

Open your background image, Your background image must necessarily be called “Background”

Place your second image, it’s desirable “png” file without background (for that go to: File / Place and choose the image what you need);

Find action in the action list and open it and click play (before you click play button make sure than the second photo are selected (NOT A BACKGROUND LAYER));

Wait a few seconds that Photoshop make all actions (speed of action work depends of the power of your computer);

Then change the colors and contrast if you need (you can use included gradients);

Ready! just save.


All separated and grouped elements; easy to use; amazing results with your photos; Only for English Photoshop.

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