Cel-Shading Photoshop Action 6941374

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Cel-Shading Photoshop Action 6941374 1

2012325 Cel-Shading Photoshop Action 6941374
ATN | 2 Kb

Cel-shading is a unique effect that creates a non-realistic photo rendering of characters, objects, and landscapes. It takes some skill to create this effect, but there’s a shortcut you can take using this Cel-Shading Photoshop action. This action will allow you to create the outlines, colours, and shading of a digitally Cel shaded image automatically, without the need to trace, paint or draw by hand.

How to use action

– Load the action into Photoshop
– Hit play in the action menu

Alternatively, you can open up the action panel by going to – Window – Action, and then find ‘Cel-Shade’ and hit the play button.

Voila! The final result is a cel-shaded effect with bold outlines, vibrant colours and defined shading.

This Photoshop action works best with images at the standard size of 1920×1280 pixels.

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