Animal Oil Painting Photoshop Action 26608753

Animal Oil Painting Photoshop Action 26608753 1

2007511 Animal Oil Painting Photoshop Action 26608753
Photoshop ATN | 88 Kb

Animal Oil Painting photoshop Action is a very premium quality preset. This action is very professional and adjustable. Just need few seconds for a good oil painting realistic photo effect. Not destructible. For this action need Oil Paint Plug-in.

Supported Versions

Supported Photoshop versions- CC15, CC16, CC17, CC18, CC19, CC20 and above+ **Note:- This action not will be support- CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC14.


  • One ATN file
  • Help file included
  • Easy Install guide line
  • Recommended image resolution (1500px to 3000px) for perfect result
  • Work with Adjust Layers
  • Premium quality Oil painting effect
  • I will get realistic oil effect, portrait oily look, dramatic oily look
  • Develop for professional photographers

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