1805017 145 Pro Photoshop Actions 977670


1805017 145 Pro Photoshop Actions 977670
Photoshop ATN | 53 Kb

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1805017 145 Pro Photoshop Actions 977670 1

145 Professional Portrait Retching, Color Toning, Autumn, HDR, Matte, Pastel and Photo Fix Photoshop Actions. You can airbrush skin, correct any skin issues, highlight & contour, sharpen & enhance eyes, add skin texture back, and enhance eyes/eyebrows/eyelashes/hair. Can also be used to airbrush and contour the body.

Photo Fix will correct any coloration, lighting, toning, shadows, grain, and sharpness.

Our handmade Photoshop actions are designed to look great on a wide variety of images. They help correct most issues you will have when retouching your portraits.

Give your Portraits Professional results with nondestructive layers.

145 Actions Included to:

Airbrush Skin Airbrush Skin More Add Skin Texture Contour Skin Highlight Skin Reduce Dark Circles Enhance Iris Whiten Eyes Whiten Teeth Color Correct Skin Enhance Eyelashes Enhance Eyebrows Enhance Hair Soften Lips Enhance Lips Sharpen Image Boost Overall Image Matte Soften HDR BW Pastel Fix Shadows Fix Toning Fix Highlights Fix Noise Sharpen Boost Autumn Glow Fall Day Autumn Sunset And More….

Some knowledge of Photoshop and layering is needed to accurately use these actions. You will need to do some adjusting of the opacity of the layer to get each action just right for your specific image.


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