Hanging Poster Mock-ups JFHBH85

Hanging Poster Mock-ups JFHBH85 1

2212288 Hanging Poster Mock-ups JFHBH85
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One of the important needs in conveying information is mockup design. Mockup are the spearhead of design presentations. Mockup are not only called visual media design concept, can also be referred to as a real picture of a product design, or a preview of an idea that looks like its original form.

Posters are are generally low-cost compared to the another ads. So thats why we believe Poster mockup still needed this day. A poster is a temporary promotion of an idea, product, or event put up in a public space for mass consumption, so you need to take care them show off into mockup. This Poster Mockup fit for posters with both textual and graphic elements.

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This mockup will also give the beauty of the design that has been made, the point is that your design will not look ordinary. This mock up itself can be made manually by relying on paper, color paint, and pens. However, it can also be made more modern by relying on the Photoshop application. Several mock up functions as above will really help you to get maximum results. poster mockup presented with beautiful simplicity and vibrant color matching. this product lends itself to a non-boring design and can be your perfect version if needed.

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Here’s what’s included :

  • 3 Adobe Photoshop Files (PSD)
  • Easy to edit with Smart Object
  • High resolution 4000x2666px / 300 dpi
  • Organized layers
  • Pdf help file

How to Use :

  • Open PSD File on Adobe Photoshop Application
  • Double click smart layer, then the smart layer tab will open
  • Paste your design on the smart layer
  • Save and close smart layer tab’s
  • Now you get the preview of your design on the mockup
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We’ve got a full assortment of designs and colors styles, you can use to create your own unique look. Enjoy your create. 🙂

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