Folding Brochure Mockup Set 4409695

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Folding Brochure Mockup Set 4409695 1

2005048 Folding Brochure Mockup Set 4409695
Photoshop PSD | 195 Mb

Folding Brochures MOCKUP SET is a set of 48 independent brochure objects, 4 for each brochure type. This pack was designed and made to bring all the most used brochure types in one place and one style so you can reuse them and combine them in many projects and still keep that feel of continuity. A toolbox set for a print designer if you want.

Brochures included:

  • Square half fold 296×148 mm
  • Half fold 297×210 mm
  • DL half fold 198×210 mm
  • Tri fold 297×210 mm
  • Z fold 297×210 mm
  • Accordion fold 396×210 mm
  • Roll fold 393×210 mm
  • Parallel fold 297×210 mm
  • Single gate fold 297×210 mm
  • Double gate fold 396×210 mm
  • Half then half fold 210×297 mm
  • Half then tri fold 297×420 mm

Key Features:

  • 12 groups of 4 objects showcasing front, back, closed brochure and one extra scene
  • 12 Realistic ready to use scenes with interchangeable objects (48 objects in total)
  • Adjustable ambient light
  • Foil stamping option with advanced settings for fine tuning
  • Separated shadows with adjustable shadow intensity
  • Adjustable paper glossiness
  • Physically accurate object size and scene light setup
  • Every object was rendered in 3000×2250 px @ 300 dpi
  • Exchangeable background texture (5000×5000 px or more)
  • Layers organized for easy editing
  • Detailed PDF Instructions manual

Please note that artwork used for previews is NOT included in the package.

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