White Gold Lightroom Desktop Preset 5033142

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White Gold Lightroom Desktop Preset 5033142 1

2007341 White Gold Lightroom Desktop Preset 5033142
XMP | 88 Kb

White Gold is a warm, clean preset for Lightroom and Photoshop ACR – bringing out gold and beige tones in an image, with lovely skin tones. In that works well with both diffuse light as well as direct dramatic light, making it a versatile edit for fashion and lifestyle images. This is a great one for jewellery and beauty photography.

White Gold mobile preset also available in another listing.

It comes with 3 versions of the preset, White Gold, White Gold -, and White Gold soft White Gold : Standard White Gold – : Reduced intensity of preset, less fading and colour shifts White Gold soft : Improves and evens out skin tones in harsher lighting conditions (e.g direct light on skin )


– Best results are with RAW/DNG files. Results with Jpeg files are unpredictable.

– Works in Lightroom Classic Desktop. Mobile Version in another listing.


More details in these blog posts —

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How to install and use Lightroom Presets: Part 1

Using Lightroom Preset Part 2: Customizing Contrast, Fading, and skin tones


LIGHTROOM Installing: after downloading presets into your folder of choice, open Lightroom and right-click on the folder you want to import the preset into. Click ‘import’, and select the downloaded preset.

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