Wedding Lightroom Presets – Ultimate 4469830

Wedding Lightroom Presets - Ultimate 4469830 1

2003029 Wedding Lightroom Presets – Ultimate 4469830

Are you interested in emulating the timeless feel of film in your wedding photography?

Well look no further… our new Ultimate Weddings Collection gives you the ability to add rich warm film tones with easy one-click presets, whilst keeping your images looking both professional and consistent.

​Add drama and raw emotion to your photos with moody shadows, subtle cool blues and warm, creamy skin tones that make this style so popular with wedding photographers around the world!

Included in your download are 50 WEDDING PRESETS that have been designed to handle all types of wedding photos, including those shot with various lighting conditions.

​The Ultimate Weddings Collection Includes:

***50 fully-customizable presets to fit your style

***Offers you five categories of adjustment tools:

​***Auto White Balance (As per camera raw settings). Ideal for correcting the colour temperature of your image

***Greyscale and High Contrast Black and White presets

***Film Presets offering subtle shades of blues, soft warm colours, contrast, and pastel finishes

***Tonning Effect Tools to adjust highlights and shadows

***Lens correction tools

***Presets for adding film grain for the final touch

***Soft skin presets for that subtle airbrushed look

​All Presets are compatible and fully optimized for Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic and the Creative Cloud (CC).

Presets can now be synced from Lightroom CC to the Lightroom Mobile App for use on your Mobile Phone!

Works on both Mac and PC.

Works on RAW and JPEG images

Installing Preset Guides –

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