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Selfie Mobile Presets Lightroom 5473485 1

2012323 Selfie Mobile Presets Lightroom 5473485

Looking for the perfect selfie presets? We’ve created 30 custom presets to make your selfies pop! This is a must-have Lightroom presets collection for your Portrait & Selfie shots. These presets are one-click filters, transforming your selfies in seconds directly on your phone! You don’t need a Lightroom subscription or even the desktop version of Lightroom installed. All you need is a free Lightroom app installed on your mobile!

Our presets are perfect for professionals or beginners who are looking for an easy and convenient way to edit photos on their mobile. This is a must-have preset collection for bloggers and photographers, for selfies, portraits, for beauty, lifestyle or fashion influencers. Edit your Instagram feed or blog images like a PRO. Apply these effects to add contrast, enhanced colors, smooth the skin and achieve that desired look and feel as your favourite influencers!

Take your photos to the next level with this Selfie Lightroom Presets Collection. These mobile presets are the quick and easy solution for editing on the go! But we also included desktop presets, if you prefer to edit your images on your desktop or laptop.


  • 30 Lightroom MOBILE presets (for Lightroom Mobile Free and Paid versions)
  • 30 Professional Lightroom presets
  • 60 Toolkit Presets for Lightroom
  • Detailed installation instructions included


  • Lightroom Mobile (Free & Paid)
  • Lightroom 4-7
  • Lightroom CC Classic
  • Lightroom CC


  • One-click fully-automated Lightroom filters (no user input required)
  • Fully adjustable Lightroom presets
  • Fully compatible with JPG and RAW Images
  • Compatible with both a Mac and PC
  • Instant download. Easy to use/setup, instructions included


  • The Importance of Great Editing: Our Presets for Lightroom are guaranteed to give you gorgeous edits!
  • Our Lightroom presets are Natural & Professional. We pride ourselves on creating tools that complement the photograph.
  • Designed to Create Mood: Our Lightroom presets, brushes and workflows are specifically designed to create a certain tone and style within your images. With the click of a button, you can have a stylized image that evokes an emotional response from viewers.
  • Achieve Consistency: BeArt Lightroom presets will allow you to achieve consistency with your work, which is crucial for developing a style! Instead of having a set of images that are all edited differently, these tools will allow you to streamline your editing and create images that cohesively look great together!
  • Tested and Trialed: Out Lightroom presets have been tested on a variety of images, all with unique lighting situations, colors, etc. They are versatile and are suited for any image.
  • Save Time & Have Fun with Beart Lightroom presets!

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