Mint Choc Mobile Lightroom Presets 3321183

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Mint Choc Mobile Lightroom Presets 3321183 1

1901534 Mint Choc Mobile Lightroom Presets 3321183
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Mint Choc Mobile Lightroom Presets 3321183 2

Bundle of 5 minty, chocolatey Professional Lightroom Mobile presets!

I have included 5 variations for different lighting environments. No matter what though, these look best with pics taken in good, natural lighting.

These presets work with Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile ONLY – NOT Desktop.

  1. Mint Choc 1 – brings out the sage greens and warm caramels and chocolate hues

  2. Mint Choc 2 – Slightly darker version for brightly lit photos

  3. Mint Choc 3 – warmer, paler mints

  4. Mint Choc 4 – cooler mint

  5. Mint Choc 5 – warmer, richer, desat mints

I’m offering these for a limited time low price because I just set up my shop! There’s no catch, these are high quality, premium presets 🙂


What do you get?

East Installation Guide 5 Premium Presets (please download the PDFs in order to access your files)


I absolutely love ALL of these, but a bundle means there might be some presets that are just “not you” or don’t work perfectly with your photography style – and because it’s such a good deal, please take this into consideration when reviewing, thank you!

As a small business owner, I put my heart and soul into everything I do, so if you truly feel like you’re not getting a good deal, rather than leave me a negative review, please please just convo me and I will do my best to remedy that, promise!

This bundle contains a wide variety of presets – not all are right for every photo – for example, some are better for underexposed photos, while others are better for slightly overexposed photos.


As with all presets, there is no magic bullet because it really depends on what you’re starting with. Good natural lighting will ALWAYS look better than very yellow indoor lighting or fluorescent lighting – never a good starting place, and may actually create some weird effects! I don’t doctor my photos, what you see is what you get IF you use similar style photography, colours, lighting, etc. If you don’t, your results will of course vary! Don’t believe me? Test it yourself. Screenshot one of the “before” photos in the above gallery, apply the preset, and you will get the exact result 🙂

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