Lightroom Mobile – Black Cat 2939808

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Lightroom Mobile - Black Cat 2939808 1

1813104 Lightroom Mobile – Black Cat 2939808
DNG, XMP | 26 Mb

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Lightroom Mobile - Black Cat 2939808 2

This preset is extra creepy, which is why it’s perfect for Halloween! Go high contrast black and white without settling for boring plain black and white. This preset strips the image of all if it’s warm tones and replaces them with eye catching blues and muted magentas. A beautiful combination that really tells a story and adds emotion to the image.

You will receive 1 .DNG file for the mobile Lightroom App and 1 .XMP file for the desktop app. So that no matter if you are at home or on-the-go your images will look professional and consistent. Never settle for crappy IG filters again.

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