Fujicolor Lightroom Presets XMP-DNG 4364898

Fujicolor Lightroom Presets XMP-DNG 4364898 1

1912313 Fujicolor Lightroom Presets XMP-DNG 4364898
DNG, XMP | 397 Mb

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Fujicolor Lightroom Presets XMP-DNG 4364898 2

12 Fujicolor Bloggers Mobile&Desktop Lightroom Presets for Bloggers & Photographers. Lightroom presets created by rapitaphotography® for all kind of indoor and outdoor photography Portraits, Landscapes, Travel Photography and etc. Presets add vintage tones to your photos and make them more authentic. All 12 presets will perfect work with your photos just in one click. For best result we create each preset for different light and color settings for you can get hight quality editing.

Traditionally FUJI films have a slightly “cold” picture, very pure white and almost neutral shades of gray. They cope well with fluorescent lighting and mixed lighting in general. Skin color is usually conveyed with particular tenderness.


▪️ 12 Lightroom Presets DNG&XMP Formats.

▪️ Works with both the Paid and Free Versions of Lightroom Mobile and desktop.

▪️ Works with JPG & Raw Images.

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