Friendly Frolics – Lightroom Presets 5238885

Friendly Frolics - Lightroom Presets 5238885 1

2011158 Friendly Frolics – Lightroom Presets 5238885
DNG | 3 Mb

Makes the color palette of a picture pure and fresh, emphasizing the joy of life. Adds air and space to a photo. Works well with detailed portraits, especially if made outdoors, also with still lifes.

5 Mobile Lightroom Presets

These versatile presets are a great way to save time and provide professional results when editing photos.

Each of our Lightroom presets comes in a separate collection.

You will receive DNG files upon download, and you can use them on both mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom.

You will also receive a file with instructions for installing and using these presets.

* Works in Lightroom mobile app (IOS / Android)

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