Authentic Cyanotype LUTs 5037143

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Authentic Cyanotype LUTs 5037143 1

2006441 Authentic Cyanotype LUTs 5037143
CUBE | 296 Mb

Emulate several types of processes, materials, atrworks, toning of the Cyanotype aka Blueprint.
Use any of 212 Look Up Tables for the film grading, colorize the monochromes, music clips, or give the vintage look to the photographs.

Cyanotype is a photographic process that produces a cyan-blue print.

The English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel discovered the procedure in 1842. Though the process was developed by Herschel, he considered it as mainly a means of reproducing notes and diagrams, as in blueprints.
Anna Atkins created a series of cyanotype limited-edition books that documented ferns and other plant life from her extensive seaweed collection, placing specimens directly onto coated paper and allowing the action of light to create a silhouette effect. By using this photogram process, Anna Atkins is sometimes considered the first female photographer.

Archival LUTs pack uses the tonality, contrast and the dynamic range of the works of the best known photographers – cyanotypists in the world.

You may use these LUTs on both Color and Black & White images or videos. If you are working with black and white images in Adobe Photoshop or similar redactors, make sure that the working color space should be RGB (not Grayscale!).

The LUTs are monochromatic, please do not use Opacity or Fill sliders, try to apply other tools to make the finishing touches.

The List of Authentic Cyanotype LUTs:

Volume 1 – Cyanotype Processes:

  • Cyanotype Classic Formula
  • Blueprint
  • Blueprint Inverted
  • Herschel’s Proto-Cyanotype
  • Cyanotype Herschel’s Process (1842)
  • Thermo-Cyanotype NEW
  • Cyanotype Talbot Process
  • John Mercer’s Chromatic Photograph (1858)
  • Cyanofer
  • Cyanofer Pellet Process (1877)
  • Cyanofer Pizzighelli Process
  • Ferro-Pruissiate Process
  • Ferricyanide Print
  • Cyanotype John Mercer Purple of Cassius Process NEW
  • Cyanonegative
  • Hydrargyro-Cyanotype
  • Cyanotype Positive Process
  • Chromo-Cyanotype (Robert Hunt)
  • Cobalt Cyanotype (Charles Burnett)
  • Ferro-Gelatine Print
  • Cyanotype Kodak Uranium Salts (1889)
  • Cyanotype Exposure Machine
  • Field Print
  • Direct Positive Cyanotype
  • Blue Diazo Process
  • Cyanotype Contact Print
  • Cyanotype with Ferric Ammonium Oxalate NEW
  • New Cyanotype (Mike Ware, 1994)
  • Cyanotype Classic and New Combined
  • Cyanotype Rex (Terry King, 2005)
  • Blue Layer Cyanotype Rex
  • Herschelotype (2007)
  • Cyanotype Negative-Positive Process
  • Cyanotype and Ferro-Gallic Processes
  • Blythtype
  • Cyanotype Citum Negative
  • Cyanotype Citum Digital Positive
  • Doc Aetherman’s In-Camera Cyanotype Process
  • Cyanotype Double Coated
  • Cyanotype Dark Calinawan’s Formula
  • Cyanotype Dick Sullivan’s Formula
  • Cyanotype Kotecki Formula
  • Cyanotype Sommerville Formula
  • Cyanotype Emulsion
  • Wet Cyanotype

Volume 2 – Cyanotype Archival:

  • Cyanotype Archival Anna Atkins
  • Cyanotype Archival Arthur Wesley Dow
  • Cyanotype Archival Carl Curman 1860s
  • Cyanotype Archival Carleton Watkins
  • Cyanotype Archival C. B. Talbot NEW
  • Cyanotype Archival Charles Lummis
  • Cyanotype Archival Edward Curtis
  • Cyanotype Archival Edward Weston
  • Cyanotype Archival Henry Bosse
  • Cyanotype Archival Hippolyte Bayard
  • Cyanotype Archival Joseph Turner Keiley
  • Cyanotype Archival Ukiyo-e Print
  • Cyanotype Archived Purple Tinted

Volume 3 – Cyanotype Materials:

  • Cyanotype Diapositive on Glass
  • Positive Cyanotype Slide Pellet Process
  • Positive Cyanotype Glass
  • New Cyanotype on Glass
  • Cyanotype on Mirror
  • Cyanotype on Anodised Aluminum
  • Cyanotype on Aluminum
  • Cyanotype over Gold Gesso
  • Cyanotype on Ceramic
  • Cyanotype on Egg Shell NEW
  • Cyanotype on Stone
  • Cyanotype on Linen
  • Cyanotype on Silk
  • Cyanotype on Papyrus
  • Cyanotype on Wood
  • Cyanotype on Birch Bark NEW
  • Allium Wet Cyanotype NEW
  • Cyanotype Laser Dye
  • Cyanotype under Ultraviolet

Volume 4 – Cyanotype Combined Processes:

  • Cyanotype Varnishing Print
  • Anthotype Cyanotype from Collodion Negative
  • Cyanotype from a Calotype Negative
  • Cyanotype from a Digital Negative
  • Cyanotype from a Waxed Paper Negative
  • Salted Paper over Cyanotype Print
  • Cyanotype from Ambrotype
  • Cyambrotype (Glass Cyanotype)
  • Cyanotype from Glass Negative
  • Direct Plate Cyanotype on Watercolor Paper
  • Cyanotype from Engraving NEW
  • Cyanotype from Internegative
  • Cyanotype from Paper Negative
  • Cyanotype from Paper Negative 1851
  • Pinhole Cyanotype
  • Cyanotype from Pinhole on Positive Paper
  • Cyanotype from Stenopeic Negative
  • Cyano-Silver Print
  • Cyanotype over Silver Gelatin Contact Print
  • Cyanotype Gelatin Silver Solarized Print
  • Cyanotype from Ektachrome Slide
  • Cyanotype Uranotype Hybrid NEW
  • Casein over Cyanotype
  • Encaustic Print over Cyanotype NEW
  • Cyanogum
  • Cyanotype over Single Layer Gum
  • Cyanotype over 3 Layers Gum
  • Cyanotype over Gum Bichromate
  • Gum over Cyanotype
  • Gum Yellow Ochre Toned over Cyanotype
  • Gum Bichromate over Cyanotype
  • Gum Bichromate Pozzuoli Red Ink over Cyanotype
  • Gum Dichromate over Cyanotype
  • Gum Bichromate over Cyanotype Four Layers NEW
  • Iridescent Gum over Cyanotype NEW
  • Gum and Gouache over New Cyanotype
  • Purell Transfer over Cyanotype
  • Cyanotype over Platinum Print
  • Cyanotype over Palladium Print
  • Platinum Cyanotype Ferroprussiate Print
  • Platinum Palladium over Cyanotype
  • Cyanotype over Ziatype
  • Cyanotype over Van Dyke Brown Print
  • Van Dyke Brown over Cyanotype Print
  • Van Dyke over Cyanotype on Stainless Steel
  • Turmeric Print on Cyanotype
  • Cyanotype Photogram
  • Cyanotype Solar Print
  • New Cyanotype Photogram
  • Prussian Blue Solar Print Negative
  • Prussian Blue Solar Print Inverted
  • Cyanolumen
  • Cyanolumen on Oriental Bromide Paper
  • New Cyanolumen
  • Cyanotype Chibasystem Cyan Magenta
  • Gel Plate Cyanotype
  • Cyanotype from iPhone

Volume 5 – Cyanotype Print Kits:

  • Cyanotype Fibrecrafts Blue Printing Kit
  • Cyanotype Fotospeed Kit
  • Cyanotype Island Darkroom Kit
  • Cyanotype Jacquard Kit
  • Cyanotype Parallax Kit
  • Cyanotype Silberra Cyan Kit
  • Cyanotype Sténoflex Kit
  • Cyanotype SunPrint Kit

Volume 6 – Cyanotype on Papers:

  • Cyanotype from Vellum Paper Negative
  • Cyanotype on Adox Art Baryta Paper
  • Cyanotype on Arches Aquarelle HP Paper
  • Cyanotype on Arches Cover Paper
  • Cyanotype on Arches Grain Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Arches Platine
  • Cyanotype on Asuka Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Awagami Gampi Paper
  • Cyanotype on Bamboo Paper Tannic Acid Toned NEW
  • Cyanotype on Bergger COT 320 Paper
  • Cyanotype on Bockingford Watercolour Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Buxton Paper
  • Cyanotype on Canson Aquarelle Paper
  • Cyanotype on Canson Bristol Paper Solarised NEW
  • Cyanotype on Canson Canary Yellow Paper
  • Cyanotype on Canson Montval Paper Coffee Toned
  • Cyanotype on Cotton Vellum Varnished NEW
  • Cyanotype on Cranes Diploma Parchment Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Daler Rowney Langton Paper Updated
  • Cyanotype on Damask Paper
  • Cyanotype on Fabriano 5 Paper
  • Cyanotype on Fabriano Extra White Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Fluid HP Watercolor Paper
  • Cyanotype on Gosznak Aquarelle Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Gosznak Watercolor Belye Nochi Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Green Iron Gosznak Rybachka Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag Paper
  • Cyanotype on Hosho Paper
  • Cyanotype on Huun Handmade Mayan Paper (Bhutan) NEW
  • Cyanotype on Kodak Endura Paper
  • Cyanotype on Kozo Paper
  • Cyanotype on Lana Aquarelle Paper
  • Cyanotype on Legion Zerkall Frankfurt Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Notecard Paper
  • Cyanotype on Rice Paper
  • Cyanotype on Strathmore Bristol Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Strathmore Canvas Paper NEW
  • Cyanotype on Washi Paper
  • Cyanotype on Winsor and Newton Paper
  • Sunlight Cyanotype on Wrapping Paper NEW
  • New Cyanotype on Farbiano F5 Paper
  • New Cyanotype on Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag Paper
  • New Cyanotype on Gosznak Aquarelle Paper

Volume 7 – Cyanotype Bleaching and Toning:

  • Cyanotype Overexposed
  • Cyanotype Medium Bleach
  • Cyanotype Sodium Carbonate and Bleach only
  • Cyanotype Vinegar Developed
  • Cyanotype Overexposed Long Tannic Acid Bath
  • Cyanotype Potassium Ferricyanide Developed
  • Cyanotype Acidified with Phosphoric Acid
  • Cyanotype Brightened in Potassium Bichromate
  • Cyanotype Dektol Bleached
  • Cyanotype Gallic Acid Toned
  • Cyanotype Hydrogen Peroxide Toned
  • Cyanotype Lead Acetate Toned
  • Cyanotype Nickel Sulphate Toned
  • Cyanotype Thallium Sulphate Toned
  • Cyanotype Polyphenol Ammonia Toned
  • Cyanotype Polyphenol Bicarbonate Toned
  • Cyanotype Polyphenol Carbonate Toned
  • Cyanotype Polyphenol Gallic Acide Toned
  • Cyanotype Polyphenol Pyrogallic Acide Toned
  • Cyanotype Polyphenol Tannic Acide Toned
  • Cyanotype Pyrogallic Acid Toned
  • Cyanotype Tannic Acid Toned
  • Cyanotype Tannic and Gallic Acids Toned
  • Cyanotype Tartaric Acid and Ammonia Toned
  • Cyanotype Tartaric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide Toned
  • Cyanotype Trisodium Phospate Toned
  • New Cyanotype Pretreatment with Fumed Silica
  • Cyanotype Coffee Toned
  • Cyanotype Coffee Toned Solarized
  • Cyanotype Black Coffee Toned
  • Cyanotype Instant Coffee Toned
  • Cyanotype Green Tea Toned
  • Cyanotype Green Tea Toned Vinegar Developed
  • Cyanotype Black Tea Toned
  • Cyanotype Long Bleach Black Tea Toned
  • Cyanotype Sodium Carbonate and Green Tea Toned
  • Cyanotype Tea Toned Coated with Egg Albumina
  • Cyanotype Yerba Mate Toning
  • Cyanotype Yerba Mate and Tannin Toned NEW
  • Cyanotype Rooibos Toned
  • Cyanotype Saint-John’s Wort Toned
  • Cyanotype Oak Bark and Green Tea Toned
  • Cyanotype Oak’s Tannin Toned
  • Cyanotype Acorns Toned
  • Cyanotype Cat’s Urine Toned
  • Cyanotype Turmeric Toned
  • Cyanotype Tumeric and Souffron Toned
  • Cyanotype Lemon Juice Toned
  • Cyanotype Red Wine Toned
  • Cyanotype Unripe Grapes Toned
  • Cyanotype Burnt Orange Toned
  • Cyanotype Yellow Ochre Toning
  • Cyanotype Camomile Toned
  • Cyanotype Curcuma Toned
  • Cyanotype Haritaki Toned
  • Cyanotype Pre-coated with Blue Spruce and Beetroot NEW
  • Cyanotype Beetroot Toned NEW
  • Cyanotype Dandelion Toned NEW
  • Cyanotype Spearmint Toned NEW

In the package you will get:

  • 244 3DLUT .cube files – 32 grids. Adobe Photoshop (CS6 and CC versions only). Other Compatible Image Software: Affinity Photo, Skylum Luminar, ON1, Athentech Perfectly Clear v3 and later, 3D LUT Creator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, ON1 Photo RAW 2018.5 and later, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2019 and later, Alien Skin Exposure X4.5 and later…
  • Preview images (.Jpeg)
  • Installing and Using LUTs (.pdf).

Compatible with Mac, Linux, and PC.

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