Allies Bright Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets

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1906112 Allies Bright Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets

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Allies Bright Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets 2

Allies Bright  instagram blogger presets. A set of  50 Presets for Adobe Lightroom 4,5,6 and CC for,Desktop, and Mac


This presets set are made by Extra bright  make it to light Brighrt Allies Bright  ,Vibince , Teal and orange,Vintage,Lighting,Deep matte,White blanched, Satutation, Highlight, Redius, Bluer  Exposure, and Extra Tones Combined an Amazing 12 Presets set which is  fully different from all others Presets. It’s really a combined Useful Presets.

This 50 Allies Bright  Lightroom Desktop and Presets contains 50 perfect high-quality effects and image will look better and beautiful. These presets were tested and adjusted to give good results for a wide variety of images.


Software: Adobe Lightroom 5, Adobe Lightroom 6, and Adobe Lightroom CC Image File Types: JPEG, TIFF, RAW, PSD, DNG These presets are ideal for the following types of photos:

Landscape Photography

Instagram Photography

Portrait Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Blog Photography

Brand Photography

Urban/Street Photography

Blog Photography

Fine Art Photography

Fashion Photography

Still Life + Flat Lay Photography

Candid + Event Photography

City/Architecture Photography

Save Time Make Quality  & Have Fun with Professional Lightroom Presets!


  • 12 Unique Allies Bright    Presets  Desktop and Mac(lrtemp)
  • Works without Adobe Creative Cloud subscription
  • Made for Adobe Lightroom  Desktop and Mac
  • Made for Adobe Lightroom  Mobile
  • Tested on 100+ real collection  photos
  • Installation Guide PDF

Allies Bright  Presets is very easy to use. It doesn’t need you to tweak anything. Just one click to give your photos the mood and style. Moreover, you can tweak the individual settings of every presets and customize the preset. This means that your creative possibilities is pretty much unending. For the money, Allies Bright  is an amazingly great value!

This collection currently contains 50 highly optimized Allies Bright  presets.


Underexposed images

Overexposed images

Low quality images

Various image various colour

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