Aerobic Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets

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Aerobic Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets 1

1906292 Aerobic Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets

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Aerobic Instagram Blogger Lightroom Presets 2

Aerobic  54 Presets for Lightroom Desktop.

Contains 54 Adobe Lightroom Presets which is work great for JPEG and RAW format picture. Fully compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4,5 and CC version.
 ****All Presets are Checked by many kinds of colour image.
****All Effect Image Available if needed.
****Various kinds of image effect various colour.


This presets Aerobic are made by using brightness, clarity, softness,skin, moddy, wedding, christmas, and extra tones. Do you want creamy-dreamy pastel tones but still vibrant? This set was accurately tested on a variety of images, this is just perfect for your image.If you’re a wildlife photographer this is a modern set of presets which will give your shooting a signature.


Travel photography ,winter shots, interior, fashion and wedding and others allkinds of photos. if you want to add beautiful creamy tones, create warm and atmospheric lights, beautiful evening and summer skins, modern rustic Fashions.

Please scroll all sample images provided in this listing and you can clearly see what you can achieve with this preset.

Perfect for creative professionals who love modern and feminine aesthetics. Will help you create a cohesive captivating look for your life photography portfolio.

The pack of presets to help you easily customize your edits based on your original photos.

What’s included:

  1. A set of Aerobic Lightroom Presets – 54 Presets for Lightroom Desktop.


  1. Underexposed images.
  2. Overexposed images.
  3. Low quality images.
  4. Various image various colour.
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