700+ Lightroom Presets Bundle 3061618

700+ Lightroom Presets Bundle 3061618 1

1814261 700+ Lightroom Presets Bundle 3061618

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700+ Lightroom Presets Bundle 3061618 2

This is the perfect professional chance, to try 700+ Ultimate Lightroom Presets Bundle and find new inspiration. Art Zooted built these presets to help you add unique and clean looks to your Portrait photography work too!

Lightroom presets are incredibly helpful once it comes to creating a smooth and easy professional workflow. Anyone can use our Presets to quickly edit their images. All Presets are designed to work with Lightroom 4.5.6 & cc raw & jpg cross platform.All they have been created with precise calibration adjustments and clean arrangement to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods. Enjoy high quality Looks that don’t break the bank. Lightroom Presets are the perfect tool to save time when retouching your images and find new ways to refine style.A Lightroom preset is just a set of photo editing settings within Lightroom that are bundled into one click, allowing you to edit photos much more efficiently than you’d otherwise by repeating the same settings and editing steps one by one. Using the right high-quality preset, you’ll be able to start getting excellent results instantly. It’s time to think about start using Adobe Lightroom presets or upgrading your old with a new, more powerful collection!

Collection Features:

  • 700+ high quality lightroom presets Bundle template files.
  • 700+ Ultimate Lightroom Presets Bundle tested in Lightroom 4.0 to CC.
  • Smart adjustments with professional result .
  • The unique result achievable in one click.
  • Supported File Format: JPG and RAW
  • The best results with all photography.
  • 100% non-destructive, we have been tasted them on different photos, and the results is awesome.
  • No camera calibration profiles needed
  • This presets are very clean and editable
  • Help (instruction to use) text file

Included Collection:

  • Black & White collection Lightroom Presets(50 LRT)
  • Best Wedding Pack Lightroom Presets(18 LRT)
  • Portrait Pack Lightroom Presets(14 LRT)
  • Street Photography Lightroom Presets(46 LRT)
  • Portrait Adjustment Lightroom Presets(15 LRT)
  • Filmic Lifestyle Lightroom Presets(50 LRT)
  • Vsco Cam Lightroom Presets(50 LRT)
  • Celebrity Lightroom Presets(40 LRT)
  • Perfect Skin Color Lightroom Presets(50 LRT)-
  • Landview Lightroom Presets(30 LRT)
  • Summer Pro Lightroom Presets(28 LRT)
  • Faded Lightroom Presets(23 LRT)
  • Sunshine Lightroom Presets(37 LRT)
  • HDR Traveler Lightroom Presets(20 LRT)
  • Spring Lightroom Presets(30 LRT)
  • Classic Matte Lightroom Presets(12 LRT)
  • Pencil Sketch Pro Lightroom Presets(20 LRT)
  • HIPSTER Lightroom Presets(38 LRT)
  • Fashion Studio Lightroom Presets(50 LRT)
  • Cityscape Pro Lightroom Presets(23 LRT)
  • Vsco Wedding Lightroom Presets(31 LRT)
  • Selfie Filters Lightroom Presets(22 LRT)
  • Tilt Shift Pro Lightroom Presets(25 LRT)

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