4 Light Glow Lightroom Presets 10285728

4 Light Glow Lightroom Presets 10285728 1

2212215 4 Light Glow Lightroom Presets 10285728
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4 Light Glow Mobile & Desktop Lightroom presets (Windows / MacOS and Android / iOS)

  • Turn your photos into vibrant tones
  • If you’re looking for high quality presets you’ve found the right place
  • Here you can find presets for every taste and style
  • My presets will help you to enhance you photos
  • You can keep these presets in your Lightroom app and use them in anytime you need
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You can use these presets with different photo styles :

  • Lifestyle
  • Travel / Adventure
  • Family / Couple
  • Landscape / Nature
  • Cityscape / Street / Urban
  • Events / Sports
  • Fashion / Portrait

Take a note that every photo is different and all Lightroom presets work differently. You can make small adjustments if needed for the best result.


  • 4 Mobile Lightroom Presets ( DNG files )
  • 4 Desktop Adobe Lightroom Presets ( XMP files )
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How to install DNG file

  • 1.Open ZIP file and Save DNG files to your phone ( photo library )
  • 2.Open DNG files in your Lightroom app.
  • 3.Select one DNG photo and Click on the three dots in the top right of your Lightroom app.
  • 4.Select the option “Create Preset”, Give a name and save it.
  • Do the same with each DNG file.
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