35 Awesome HDR Presets 4414820

35 Awesome HDR Presets 4414820 1

2001085 35 Awesome HDR Presets 4414820

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35 Awesome HDR Presets 4414820 2

This pack contains a total of 35 Awesome HDR Lightroom presets.

  • 18 one click presets in three series: Neutral, Color and Pale. Classified “I, II and III” according to the amplitude of the tonal range and with “+” for increased microcontrast. Great for any type of images.
  • 6 one click presets “HDR Industrial” type, great for industrial and old city scenes on cloudy days, giving them a more dramatic effect.
  • 1 one click preset “HDR Sunset Village”, great for villages at dusk.
  • 10 one click preset tools, that modify partially the image and can be applied over the previous presets or any other: Dark skies, Fade I, Fade II, Tone Cool, Tone Cross, Tone Dreamy, Tone Vintage, Tone Warm, Vignette I and Vignette II.
  • Also you can find the presets: Neutral Skies and Tone Neutral that revert the result of applying Dark skies and any other of the Tone tools.

Check out some of the before and after images for a quick demo

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