19 travel salty Ligthroom Presets 4763112

19 travel salty Ligthroom Presets 4763112 1

2004342 19 travel salty Ligthroom Presets 4763112

You will get: 4 Salty premium Preset packs – including 19 Presets for Lightroom mobile & Lightroom desktop!

You are looking to create inspiring content from your travels? You found the right way! This is the right Preset-Pack for you. This Package includes all presets from:

5 Morocco Premium Best Lightroom Mobile Lightroom Preset Spain – 5 Mobile and Desktop presets Lightroom Preset Vanlife Portugal – 4 Mobile and Desktop presets Lightroom Preset Tropical Sri Lanka – 5 Mobile and Desktop presets

Everything you need for stunning pictures of your travels around this beautiful planet.

This Pack includes:


01_Salty_Spain_Moody_highresCamera | Inspired by Spain’s landscape. Fits perfect to the rich green, hilly landscape and shades of blue ocean of Northern Spain. Especially when the Sun is out. The HighresCamera Version is made for DLSR’s for mobile phones. In most of the cases the 01b_Salty_Spain_MoodySpring_lowResCamera_lessNoise suits best.

01b_Salty_Spain_Moody_lowResCamera | like 01_Salty_Spain_MoodySpring_highresCamera but with less Grain / Noise added, perfect for smaller Cameras and Smartphones. Also could fit better when your image out of your DLSR already has a lot of noise in the picture (high ISO)

02_Salty_Spain_Mystic | Spain can get really mystic and foggy and this is when it this Lightroom Presets has its full potential. It add a purple mystic look to your Images.

03_Salty_Spain_ShadesofGreen_Basic | Especially northern spain is super green, this Preset gets the most of the differents shades of Green you can find. Perfect for Landscapes.

03b_Salty_Spain_ShadesofGreen_ExtraPop | The same style like 03_Salty_Spain_ShadesofGreen but a adds a bit more pop to your Images.

Morocco: 01 Salty Morocco classic | Inspired by Morocco’s landscape. Fits perfect in the wild dusty markets and into the red-brownish landscape of Morocco.

02 Salty Morocco classic – Sunset | Inspired by Morocco’s sunsets. Perfectly fits for sunsets by adding some pop to the colors. Look and feel like 01 Salty morocco Classic.

03 Salty Morocco classic – Oasis | Inspired by Morocco’s Oases. Oasis are appearing out of nowhere in the desertly landscape. Capturing this you don´t wanna miss the green in your pictures. The Oasis preset keeps the Color scheme like 01 Salty Morocco classic but gives back some shades of green to underline the flourishing nature.

04 Salty Morocco classic – Desert | Inspired by Morocco’s sand dunes and the desert. Gives the glittery sand a light orange-golden touch and makes it almost look like a painting.

05 Salty Morocco classic – Desert Sky | Inspired by Morocco’s sand dunes and the desert. Gives the glittery sand a light orange-golden touch and makes it almost look like a painting. Whilst the 05 Desert preset you still have a touch of blue in the sky, this one takes out even more color, focusing on the dunes only.


01_Portugal_Landscape: Fits just perfect to the landscape, deep blue pacific ocean and rocky cliffs of Portugal. Use when the sun is out and throughout the whole year.

02_Portugal_Sunet: This preset is made for the golden hour. It provides you the desired orange-red sunset colors and an idyllic mood. Everything you need for the perfect sunset shot.

03_Portugal_Van: This preset will get the best out of your Vanlife shots. It brings brightness to your Van. Fits perfect for every in Vanlife/Camper photo.

04_Portugal_Waves: This preset gets the most out of your ocean shots. Waves will get an amazing color and structure. Perfect for all photos that showcast the ocean

Sri Lanka:

01_SriLanka_Basic: This one fits almost every situation in tropical countries. It creates the perfect tropical vibes for your photos. If you want to give your travel a bit of a different touch, then use the white balance slider at this preset. You will immediately seehow the mood of the picture will change.

02_a-SriLanka_Water blue: This preset is made for water shots. Especially when using a water housing, this preset will give you amazing results: Clear blue ocean shots.

02_b-SriLanka_Water green: Just a little bit different from the 02_a-SriLanka_Water blue preset. This preset will shift the color of the water more towards green. Give it a try and find out which one fits best for your individual picture.

03_SriLanka_Black White: Creates a deep tropical black and white vibe on your pictures.

04_SriLanka_TropicalSunset: When the sky is on fire, this preset is your to go. Pushes the crazy tropical sunset pictures to a new level. If your missing on color, while using, shift the white balance.

All presets are compatible with LR Mobile and Lightroom Desktop.

Whether you are a blogger, Instagram influencer or a traveling explorer, this extraordinary preset will suit you well. It is made for a wide range of pictures. Express your feelings through the perfect photo edit and let the emotion be carried to your followers and friends.

Tips and Tricks:

If you feel like the picture does not look right after activating the preset, most of the time some adjustment in the exposure and /or White Balance slider can help regulating. In case you use a wide angle lens, like e.g. a 16mm with a vignette, don’t forget to check “enable profile correction” in Lightroom to get rid of the vignette.

Digitaler Download (1 ZIP) 19 .dng files for Lightroom Mobile* 19 .xmp for Lightroom Desktop CC 2020 ( easy import directly in Lightroom) 10 .lrtemplate (Morocco and Spain for older Lightroom versions) 2 .txt with installation guidelines

*for performance reasons the .dng files are strongly compressed

.lrtemplate is just used in older Lightroom Version so by now, you will only need .xmp files.

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