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1806001 Instagram Lightroom Presets 2430876 1

1806001 Instagram Lightroom Presets 2430876

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1806001 Instagram Lightroom Presets 2430876 2

Presenting: The best Lightroom and Photoshop toolkit for your Instagram!
67+ presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR created to bring all the famous Instagram looks into one preset bundle!
You love Instagram? Your images should look like those from the very famous Instagram celebrities?
Than you should not miss this opportunity! This packages solves all editing issues immediately 🙂
Save tons of money by buying this bundle here instead of buying a variety of expensive looks, direct from Instagramers!

The Lookshelter Insta Life collection:
39 Lightroom & Photoshop ACR presets for Instagram (both file types included!)

12 Tool Instagram presets:

Can be attached on top of the normal presets (layerable)
Add a variety of more options such as fades, sharpness, more tones or light effects!
For Photoshop ACR and Lightroom!

07 Overlay Instagram presets:

Useable only in Lightroom. These presets can be attached on the top of the final edits to bring the very fine extras onto your images 😉
Add filters for very special light overlays, more clarity, color or local adjustments.

10 Lightroom Brushes (only useable in Lightroom) :

very well handpicked collection of the best and most used brushes for local adjustments.
Include effects like: Skin sharpening, add saturation, clarity definement, less depths, shadow lights, neutralize over-saturation…

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