1805294 Lomogram – Lightroom Presets 2109844

1805294 Lomogram - Lightroom Presets 2109844 1

1805294 Lomogram – Lightroom Presets 2109844

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1805294 Lomogram - Lightroom Presets 2109844 2

Lomography is the style of pop photography based on the quirky cameras by the Austrian camera manufacturer known as Lomo. There are several camera types that fall under the Lomography genre. Among some of the more popular, are the Diana and Holga. These cameras are usually poor technical cameras, which makes it a cool signature look.
If you are looking to add lomography-inspired effects to your photos, this set of Lightroom presets is just
all you need. Lomogram Presets is very easy to use. It doesn’t need you to tweak anything. Just one click to give your photos the mood and style. Moreover, you can tweak the individual settings of every presets and customize the preset. This means that your creative possibilities is pretty much unending. For the money, Lomogram is an amazingly great value!
This collection currently contains 161 highly optimized presets in total.

19 Lomogram Presets.
LOMO (Basic)
LOMO (Black & White)
LOMO (Blue Tint)
LOMO (Faded)
LOMO (Flat)
LOMO (Green Tint)
LOMO (Hard)
LOMO (High Contrast)
LOMO (Instagram)
LOMO (Light)
LOMO (Massive)
LOMO (Matte)
LOMO (Peach)
LOMO (Purple Tint)
LOMO (Quick)
LOMO (Red Tint)
LOMO (Rosy)
LOMO (Timeless)
LOMO (Yellow Tint)

142 Toolkit Lightroom Presets (https://crmrkt.com/53lze8)
ToolKit Lightroom presets is a collection of presets for Adobe Lightroom that helps photographers to retouch & edit their photos inside Lightroom more effectively. This pack contains 142 mouse-made & professionally crafted presets which will save your time & improve your workflow!
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Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC.
Compatible with both Mac and PC.
Works on RAW and JPEG images.
Fully adjustable & customizable.
PDF Installation Instructions Included

Step 1: Use one of our base presets from the “Lomogram Presets” Folder.
Step 2. Adjust the exposure of your photo using Adjust exposure or Fix under/over exposure presets from our “Hydrozi Toolkit for Lightroom” Folder.
Step 3: Make further adjustment (if you need) using Toolkit for Lightroom.
You are done! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to buy this product because it’s really magical, powerful, creative and easy to use.
Buy now and start using this awesome presets!

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