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1708161 Dreamy LA Lightroom presets 2058670 1

1708161 Dreamy LA Lightroom presets 2058670

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My collection of LA presets was inspired by dreamy Los Angeles. This collection will give your photos a soft dreamy look, adding light cream and grainy elements to them. It works best on sunny photos including beach, blue skies and all things LA.

Why Select LA presets: if you want to adjust your travel photos and improve your Instagram feed, this preset is for you. Inspired by VSCO pastel E set, these presets will help you achieve that view on your PC.

What’s included: you will get 5 presets + Read Me file with instructions Presets have the same dreamy-pinkish tone adjustable to photos of different exposure and brightness from lighter to darker (from LA0 to LA4)

LA0 – very light overlay perfect for blue skies and beaches as well as underexposed pictures
LA4 – will give your photos more flavor and mood

These presets are developed for desktop version of Lightroom 4, 5 and 6 and are compatible with JPEG and RAW photos.

Notice: If the link in the logo doesn't work, pressing F5 to reload the page might be helpful. If the problem persists, leave a comment and we'll be here to help.

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