12 Brown Tone Lightroom presets 42207157

12 Brown Tone Lightroom presets 42207157 1

2211518 12 Brown Tone Lightroom presets 42207157
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12 Brown Tone Mobile & Desktop Lightroom presets (Windows / MacOS and Android / iOS)

• If you’re looking for high quality presets you’ve found the right place
• Here you can find presets for every taste and style
• My presets will help you to enhance your photos
• You can keep these presets in your Lightroom app and use them in anytime you need

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• Presets turn your photos into pink tones

You can use these presets with different photo styles :

– Lifestyle
– Travel / Adventure / Beach
– Family / Couple
– Landscape / Nature
– Cityscape / Street / Urban
– Events / Sports
– Portrait / Fashion

• Take a note that every photo is different and all Lightroom presets work differently.
• You can make small adjustments if needed for the best result.

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12 Mobile Lightroom Presets ( DNG files )
12 Desktop Adobe Lightroom Presets ( XMP files )

How to install DNG file :

1.Open ZIP file and Save DNG files to your phone ( photo library )
2.Open DNG files in your Lightroom app.
3.Select one DNG photo and Click on the three dots in the top right of your Lightroom app.
4.Select the option “Create Preset”, Give a name and save it.
Do the same with each DNG file

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