Dark Style Instagram Pack RTX8NTD

Dark Style Instagram Pack RTX8NTD 1

2002198 Dark Style Instagram Pack RTX8NTD
Photoshop PSD | 842 Mb

Trendy eye-catching templates for the feed and Stories posts on social media in modern 3D art style: elegant, stylish and sophisticated, based on the influential black, metallic gold and silver visual elements.

Black is symbolic of confidence, intelligence, simplicity and high quality. Use it to make a brand look authoritative, powerful and prestigious. Black is a neutral color and can be paired with a wide range of brand colors. With the white as the opposite color in this pack, it looks the most effective and striking. Perfect for high-end, elite and “smart” goods.

Golden, optimistic and eye-catching color, adds the templates a feel of richness, prosperity and warmth. It suggests that the product or service is expensive and exclusive, like jewelry. It implies abundance of time and money. Gold is also the color of victory, achievement and nobility – a great choice for luxury products.

Silver details give your posts a dazzling sparkling appearance and a futuristic glamor. Shiny and modern, and elegant at the same time, it fits messages on hi-tech, innovation, science and technology. Due to its soothing and purifying effect silver is also good for health care, self-development and coaching themes.

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Feel free to experiment with design within the pack, mix different backgrounds, visual elements, and colors to create your own new pictures.


  • 18 templates banner size (1080×1080) and 18 Stories size (1080×1920)
  • Fully layered and well organized
  • Smart Object ready
  • Editable text and images
  • The link to the font is in the documentation
  • Photo used for preview purpose only and NOT included

The pack includes:

  1. Stylish banner with a feel of wealth, premium quality and majestic precious content. Shining black cloth on the background gives light and gloss. Bright gold bars float in the air as if holding your photo.
  2. Creative background in black and white colors with minimalist bold typography, large letters, thin golden wire in geometric shapes and red exotic leaves. The red color adds it more energy, action and excitement.
  3. Glamorous template in a delicate dreamy style, refreshing, discreet and refined. The black-and-white background is covered with white leaves like winter frost on the window.
  4. Strict minimal template full of air and free space with the impression of professionalism, reliability and safety. Gleaming black textile on the background looks like thin silk cloth or fluid plastic. White mat balls hang in the air in zero gravity.
  5. Attention-grabbing eco-friendly template with a clean black background, big letters, impressive golden rounds as if made from wire and vivid green tropical leaves.
  6. Minimalist masculine banner with black tile on the background. Bright fluorescent lamps overlap the photo as if the person is illuminated by the light.
  7. The black background made from braided fabric with a lattice pattern, very firm and solid, allowing the brand to be viewed as indestructible and strong. Playful green furry balls animate the banner and bring life and joy to any serious topic.
  8. Glistening silver banner, cold and fresh, looking like molten metal. Silver bars sparkle reminding of precious stones or a faraway planet meteorite.
  9. Silver template for a chic cool color palette. White luminous lights create a blinding effect.
  10. Progressive industrial banner with a black matt plastic texture and cold white illumination.
  11. A majestic combination of gold and silver make this banner really pop and gives it and expensive look. Short disheveled fur as if wild with the wind is soft and silky. Golden matt spheres float in the air like pearls or New Year balls.
  12. Mild wavy fur background looks gorgeous and fancy with geometric golden and white art objects. They can match the round or diagonal shapes of your logo.
  13. Laconic and chic black-and-white template with a liquid volumetric background and white furry balls.
  14. Ultramodern banner with a black matt mirror background. Golden wire and flying figures – cone, curve and pill – make the content more cheerful and flirty.
  15. Golden opulent fabric in the background with dark muted shades, sleek and lustrous, will dress your message into a royal gown.
  16. This daring deluxe template fills your content with charisma. Fluid gold, sunny leaves and metallic balls create a warming luxurious color palette.
  17. Eco-style banner with a silky checkered tissue on the background combined with green long leaves. Art objects – milky balls and a golden star – draw the eye to your photo in the endless row of stories.
  18. Grey fur texture plays with the light creating a soft abstract background for your photo. Luminous silver figures and golden flashes of lightning focus the vier’s attention.
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