1804164 Glitch GFX 1590944


1804164 Glitch GFX 1590944
PSD Ai | 552 Mb

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The amount of times i’ve had to race through a project, thinking of a quick style or brand treatment to a social media post, poster or flyer seems to be endless, so, I thought i’d hand over one of my little cheat sheets to you.

Based on the font ‘Prnt Glitch’ available in my shop, I’ve made over 45 (47, actually – I know, but ‘over 45’ makes it sound much more exciting – like writing FREE, especially in caps!) vectors, PSD’s and JPG’s to help you create that perfect futuristic, glitchy, beautiful mess of a design for your project.

Like the ‘Prnt Glitch’ font, I’ve gone with various levels of craziness, from Light to Ultra, and each JPG is 4000 x 4000 pixels, 300dpi with completely ridiculous glitched up colours for you to mess with.

It’s a simple setup, which i’ve found is often the best, with some PSD templates to help you go wild with the clipping mask tool and because they’re all their own unique vectors, you can manually give your project a treatment you can fully control.

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