Animated Neon Font 5422893

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Animated Neon Font 5422893 1

2010150 Animated Neon Font 5422893
Photoshop PSD | 1.45 Gb

Animated Neon Font with switching glow, sound effects and a complete set of instructions ❤

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS6+

Product includes:

  • 36 neon symbols (26 psd with capital letters and 10 psd with special symbols – front view);
  • decorative elements (1 psd with glass coaster and 4 psd with wires – front view);
  • 3 background textures (front view);
  • 6 sound effects (for 10 second animation);
  • HD and 4K scenes;
  • full symbols set, jpg and png file type (without background);
  • 2 photoshop actions sets (10 color presets, more than 30 useful actions);
  • instructions.txt (with links to video-tutorials);

Editable elements:

  • glow color;
  • glow animation types;
  • colors of wires, glass and racks;
  • colors of decorative elements;
  • background color and design;
  • sound effects;

Animation types:

  • constant;
  • turning on;
  • turning on/off;
  • broken;
  • blinking once;
  • constant switching;

Save animation as:

  • GIF;
  • HD/4K video;

Instructions (txt with links to video-tutorials for full product Neon Animated Sign Creator):

  • symbol customization, glow colors and animation types;
  • useful actions, install and use, color presets;
  • full scene creation, adding decorative elements and background, glow customizing, adding sound;
  • video & gif export, adding sound, gif size control, looping video;


  • This is not a font (like TrueType, OpenType and PostScript formats), it’s a set of animated symbols in the PSD format for Adobe Photoshop;

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